Why Ethiopia?

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Well first of all,  seeing the children from our church adopted from there began the journey.  I remember when Ally was one month old and our friends brought home their two sons.  I remember looking in the nursery and tears streaming down my face, saying, Lord, could we ever do that?  Ironically, it is the only place we qualify to adopt from due to our family size. An estimated five million children are orphaned in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is a country beset by years of war, severe drought, epidemics, and crippled economically and socially. One of the oldest countries in the world, Ethiopia is Africa’s second most populous nation.  Traditionally, Ethiopians have always cared for their own orphans, but due to the AIDS epidemic, coupled with famine, the orphans have outnumbered the available adults.  Many ask us why we chose not to adopt in the US?  The simplest answer is this is where the Holy Spirit lead and guided us to adopt from.  The extreme poverty definitely was a huge factor.  As of late, we have read a lot in God’s word of caring for the poor.  Praying the Lord will take our sinful selves, redeemed by His blood, and use this for His glory.


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