Christmas Letter 2012

Dear Friends and Family,

Merry Christmas!  I can hardly believe this year has zoomed by so fast! Many of you already know much of what we would normally put in our Christmas letter due to our mission trip and our new blog.  So I will make much of this quick!

June:  Ron and I celebrated our 20th anniversary and also welcomed our 10th child into the arms of the Lord as Michelle miscarried Paul Samuel Schaffner.  We had the blessing of going on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic with the help of many of you.  If you go to you tube and put Schaffner family mission trip you can see a glimpse of how God worked in our lives during that trip and see what we did.

July:  After a trip up north we felt assured of God’s calling on our lives to adopt from Ethiopia.  That story can be found in the archives of our blog at: 

LUKE:  Senior at CHS!  NHS president, Youth Group leader, FCA, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Golf, Looking at engineering at Toledo or Ohio State, Growing like crazy!  Loved DR mission trip!  He, Josh and Ron saved their own birthday money and savings for OSU vs. MI game.

ABIGAIL:  Sophomore at CHS, Youth Group Leader, FCA, Varsity Volleyball, Would rather be with the kids in the DR! Working hard in classes, has her dad for two, which means LOTS of homework!  Loves kids, friends, youth group.

KAITI:  8Th grader at CMS, Youth Group, FCA leader, Volleyball, Soccer, Honor roll, also loved the DR!  Growing too!  Likes to write, super artist, and great at hair and cool braids!  Looks forward to Spring Hill retreat.

JOSH:  4th Grader at CES, super reader, loves OSU, basketball, legos, dad is coaching a hoopsters team for him this year, already worried about Luke leaving, hopes we will be able to  adopt brothers from Ethiopia, he’s growing too!

ANNA:   First grader at CES, wants to try soccer in the spring, becoming a great reader, very social, likes to draw and play “School.”  Also will play football with brothers!

ALLY:  3 years old, very creative and full of stories for everyone, loves to be read to, likes to play dollhouse, fisher price, dolls, kitchen and help me pack lunches.  She likes talking about our “adopted baby.”  I don’t think she understands how long 2 Years is!

Ron is adjusting to a new workload at school as they have received many new requirements from the state.  I am trying to keep things running here in the Schaffner home.  Amazed at Christ’s amazing grace and love in caring for us and God’s gift of Jesus to forgive us for every sin.  God’s gift of the Holy Spirit to give us the mind of Christ and enable us to obey him daily.

Blessings to you and yours this Christmas season,


Ron, Michelle, Luke, Abi, Kaiti, Josh, Anna and Ally Grace








2 thoughts on “Christmas Letter 2012

  1. Cannot believe how old these kids are getting! I know mine are, too, but still amazed at how fast time goes by. Miss you guys! I hope that we can reconnect again soon! Have a blessed Christmas!

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