Two steps forward, One step back

Yesterday we were allowed to walk in without an appointment and be fingerprinted!  Praise!  Then, today we received notice that our home study had missing information and will need to be resubmitted.  UGH!  I realize how much Satan would love to discourage me right now!  Ally woke up with a fever in the night and now this.  I will not let him!  We are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus!  So, on to the next step to get over this delay.  We will have to wait until Monday.  Thanks for your prayers.  This is in His hands.



2 thoughts on “Two steps forward, One step back

  1. Mjgmk5 says:

    Sorry to hear that, I definitely know about Satan trying his tricks, this week as been very trying for us…one thing after another, but God kept shining a light to follow & forward we will march towards Christ!    We can all defeat him together, united we stand!   Prayers are coming your way !   LOVE U GUYS  Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone

  2. ruby1942 says:

    Satan does love to get in the way and I’ve found that in things like this when God allows it, HE has a reason that we often understand later. Keep trusting and listening!

    Sent from my iPhone Ruby Mae

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