The Adoption

On Friday we will be getting fingerprinted. This is a big milestone in the mounds of paperwork to be done in the adoption process. This is a HUGE praise! Once we are fingerprinted we will have to wait 2-4 weeks for our official adoption of an orphan form. Once we receive that we can submit our full dossier to America World. The dossier includes many things: Physicals, doctor letters, employment letters, reference letters, financial statements, birth certificates, marriage license, photos, our homestudy, and much more. Once America World receives this, then it will take them 1-3 weeks to process it. It is then sent to Ethiopia! Wow! I am so excited! It then will take 18-24 months for all of that to be processed. We will have to fly to Ethiopia two times. The first time we will go to court, and we will get to meet our son and spend a few days with him. But, then we will have to fly home, and in 6-8 weeks we will return to bring him home!

Lately I have mixed emotions as I realize that our joy will be someone else’s sadness. There will be a mother who must choose to give up her son. Today, I read the story of baby Moses to Ally. It hit me how much love she must have had to choose to offer him life…by giving him up. That is what Jesus has done. He has given us life, eternal life. Please pray for her, whoever she is.

Thanks for your prayers for us, may the Lord richly bless you for them. I always love to know what i can pray for you for….let me know.

For an idea of what it will be like for us check out this blog Pure and Lasting.


3 thoughts on “The Adoption

  1. Michele says:

    Oh how I know that emotion of having my joy come from a Mom’s sorrow. And it never is far from my mind. We pray for S&E’s Mom daily….another reason to trust in His plan for your child’s life.

  2. Wow, Michelle for you to acknowledge the loss of someone else’s child to become yours is so deep and loving. As a mother it makes my stomache ache with love for this woman. And the depth of love she must have for this child to let go of him, that’s hard to grasp. For you to think and hurt for her is just an example of why you would be perfect to be her child’s new and forever mother…God bless

  3. Alan & Velva June Beal says:

    Michelle, we are so happy for you as you anticipate a new family member. We pray that God will give you special wisdom as you adopt and train a young son from a different country. I am confident that you and Ron will seek God’s wisdom & direction as you raise him. I remember when you two were anticipating marriage and how concerned you were for the
    Lord’s blessing in your marriage. I am confident that you will also dimenstrate the same
    wisdom as you raise this child. We will remember you in our prayers.

    Alan & Velva June Beal

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