What does it feel like to be lost?  I know the feeling well.  I recently got lost.  I had to take the youngest three and head to Whitmore Lake to Kaiti’s volleyball game.  Ron had given me directions but, I missed my exit and ended up in Dexter.  Apparently it is a difficult exit, but I am directionally illiterate anyway!  I guess I should consider getting a GPS.  I asked for directions at a gas station and eventually found  my way after several different people helped me.  I was pretty shaken up but had tried to put on a good front for the kids at least until I arrived at the game and a friend said she was worried about me.  I broke down and then asked her if I could follow her home.  I stayed close behind her the whole way home!

  That night while tucking Josh and Anna in we talked about the feeling when your lost.  It is a terrible feeling.  While we prayed as we drove asking the Lord to help us get to the right place, there still is this sense of unfamiliarity and confusion.  We got to talking about what it would be like to be “lost” spiritually…to not be with your creator, the place you belong.   It is amazing the lessons the Lord teaches us in these moments.  Josh said, “but mom, they don’t have anyone to give them directions.”  We talked about how we are those “people” that can give directions that God’s word is the ultimate GPS, and the Holy Spirit can show us the way to go.   It felt so good to be home and safe.  Just like it feels so good to talk to the Lord and read His word.  I thought of how close I stayed behind my friend not daring to lose sight of her.  Oh, if I could only be like that every day with the Lord!  Just listening to His every direction and following. 

  This story reminds me of all the parables Jesus taught about lost things getting found.  Ally’s favorite is the woman who lost her coin.  She loves for me to get ten pennies and hide one and then we read the story from her children’s story Bible and we must do this once a week and she still loves finding the lost coin!  Jesus does too!   I have  few lost coins in my life.  As I write I cry out to God to please find them and bring them home where they can be safe and warm.

   I think I have a new compassion for the lost.   Maybe they are like me trying to pretend everything is fine, or maybe like me they don’t even realize they are lost yet, maybe they were given bad directions or maybe they don’t have access to a GPS.  At any rate, I want to be more on the lookout for the lost.   

Luke 19:10

New International Version (NIV)

10 For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.”

Love to You,  Michelle



One thought on “Lost

  1. Great analogy, Michelle! I think moms have more opportunities to “get” spiritual truths. And I can totally relate to the “lost” feeling–as far as directions go! I am very grateful to be found in Jesus. Your message has freshened my desire to give hope to the lost. Keep sharing your insights. 🙂

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